A factotum is defined by someone who does all kind of work. My best friend jokes with me that I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I look at in a way that life is too short to do the same thing day in and day out. Immersing myself into all that life has to offer is how I want to live.

My first trade is a photographer. I specialize in still life. I love to visualize a concept and bring it out in an image. Secondly, I am a candle maker. Stemming from my grandfather’s love of burning and making candles. We took on his tradition and make beeswax candles. Fitting as my dad and brother are beekeepers. Thirdly, I love buying, selling and collecting antiques. There is nothing like treasure hunting. Antique bottles are my first love. Old glass is beautiful and I love working with it. I’m starting to dive into furniture and art as there is so much history in old things. I love coffee and got into pottery by collecting various potter’s mugs throughout the northeast. My tradition of buying a new mug on our fall getaways to Western Massachusetts sadly ended when I had collected all the different potter’s styles. Jenny, my wife, signed us up for pottery classes and there started another passion. I love to create. This blog is about my life and the stories that come along with it.


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