Windsor Chair Collection-

A Collection of Early Antique American Windsor Chairs

I’ve always enjoyed collecting antiques. There is something about them that is so cool to me. When I went to my first auction I couldn’t believe what was out there and the treasures to be found. I love buying an antique and then researching it online to learn the history behind it. It just fascinates me. I’m a bottle collector at heart and love collecting old glass. From my first crate of labeled sodas to my array of pontiled glass, bottles line our windowsills bringing out a mood in our space that is just divine.

Which brings me to my next story. A few months back I went to an auction looking for bottles like I always do. My wife dropped me off at the sale and when I stepped inside it was like entering a museum.  Inside were the most stunning antiques I’ve ever laid eyes on. There was a nice collection of old wine and ale bottles that I sat down and waited for. As the auction progressed one a kind vintage jewelry pieces, copper cooking ware, Tiffany Art Glass, oil painting, bronze sculptures, furniture and countless other items were all being auctioned off. A few hours into the auction my wife came back and sat down next to me. I told her that I’ve never been to an auction which had such beautiful antiques. As we sat and watched the items get auctioned off, a set of 4 chairs came up. Jenny had been looking for unique chairs for our dining room table and she liked them so I bought them for her. And then began one of my favorite research projects. The American Windsor Chair. To have a chance to photograph them is an honor. I’m dedicating this month to our Windsor Chairs and will be posting imagery that represents the craftsmanship of early American Furniture.



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