Antique Bottle Show-

Collection of Antique Bottles on display at a bottle show

This past weekend was the Hudson Valley, NY bottle show. The show occurs once a year in Poughkeepsie, NY and it’s a great place to see an amazing collection of antique bottles. My father in law and I drove out there and he picked up an Antique Milk Bottle from an old dairy farm that existed on the corner of their street in Highland Mills, NY. He was excited to get a piece of history from his home town. I was on the hunt to extend my collection of chestnut flasks but sadly the ones there weren’t the right fit, so the search continues.

Collection of Antique Gin Bottles and Mason Jars I did enjoy shooting the displays of bottles the collectors set up. This is an awesome collection of Antique Gin Bottles mixed in with old mason jars.

Early Antique Bottles and Glass

This was another cool display of very early and rare bottles. You don’t see a collection like this at your local antique shop. This collection includes snuff, chestnut, gin, sealed wines and very scarce cobalt and sapphire blue bottles.


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