Hand Built Kitchen Island-

A Hand built Kitchen Island with Butcher Blocker and custom wine rack

My wife and I were looking into buying an island for our kitchen. We shopped around but were not sold on any that we found. Jenny spent some time in design school and we decided to sketch our own kitchen island that we could build. After our collaboration we took the sketch to my dad to see what he thought. He had his input for sure and added some great design to the island. The wine rack was surely a distinctive contribution. We set up a makeshift wood shop outside his shed and spent a good 2 weeks building the island.  We used cherry that we got from a mill and butcher block that my dad had salvaged. The butcher block is removable and can be easily sanded and resealed over time. The inner shelves can be detached as well. The island is an irreplaceable piece that we will have for our lifetime.

My dad is planning on converting part of my parent’s basement into a wood shop so he can stay busy through the colder months. Building the island was inspirational to him and he would like to make more that could be purchased.


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