Hand Built Kitchen Island & Wine Bar_II

We have another kitchen island to talk about. This is your one of a kind kitchen island/wine bar. The island holds 12 bottles of wine and 12 Wine Glasses. It stands at 38 1/2 inches tall and the butcher block top measures 24in x48in. Oak, Cherry and Teak are seen throughout this unique piece. The maple butcher block is factory sealed and will not stain. The butcher block is removable for easy transport. Ball Bearing wheels can be removed dropping the height to 37 1/2.

Available for purchase, please contact me for more details.
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Hand Built Kitchen Island-

A Hand built Kitchen Island with Butcher Blocker and custom wine rack

My wife and I were looking into buying an island for our kitchen. We shopped around but were not sold on any that we found. Jenny spent some time in design school and we decided to sketch our own kitchen island that we could build. After our collaboration we took the sketch to my dad to see what he thought. He had his input for sure and added some great design to the island. The wine rack was surely a distinctive contribution. We set up a makeshift wood shop outside his shed and spent a good 2 weeks building the island.  We used cherry that we got from a mill and butcher block that my dad had salvaged. The butcher block is removable and can be easily sanded and resealed over time. The inner shelves can be detached as well. The island is an irreplaceable piece that we will have for our lifetime.

My dad is planning on converting part of my parent’s basement into a wood shop so he can stay busy through the colder months. Building the island was inspirational to him and he would like to make more that could be purchased.

Fujifilm X pro2-The Simple Camera Setup-

Fujifilm X pro2 Camera SetupWe are leaving for Europe tonight and when I was trying to figure out what camera gear to take it was puzzling. I was debating about shooting film but that was becoming more of a hassle. My birthday was earlier this month and my amazing wife bought me the Fujifilm Xpro 2. She had previously got me the fuji x100 when it first came out and this has been a significant upgrade. The image quality of the Xpro 2 in phenomenal. The lenses are tack sharp and the overall compactness of the camera makes it a traveling companion. I am looking forward to the ease of shooting with this system. The easy upload from camera to iPad with the Lighting SD reader is awesome. I highly recommend the fuji camera system.

The gear for the trip includes:

Fujifilm Xpro 2

Fujifilm 23mm f1.4

Fujifilm 35mm f1.4

Samyang 8mm f2.8 fisheye

Ipad with Lighting to SD Card Reader

Ona Bowery Bag

Joby Gorillapod

Vintage Midtown Manhattan-

An old New York City photo of Midtown Manhattan

This is another scan I pulled from a box of old slide film that I had picked up at a flea market. Here is a view of Midtown Manhattan shot from a boat on the Hudson River. You can see the old port which says Panama Line. The box of film was dated Manhattan Island, 1958. Its amazing to see the skyline with just the Empire State Building and no other high rises. Cityscapes change so quickly as countries continue to develop and grow. Makes me wonder what it was like to walk down a street in New York in the 1950’s.

Luther Metcalf Windsor Chair-

Luther Metcalf Windsor Chair

This is the last and fourth of our Windsor Chair Collection. A Luther Metcalf Windsor Chair. The unique characteristic of this chair is that we can actually pin point this chair to its original manufacturer because of the plate on the bottom. The Davistown Museum Website has a wonderful bio on Luther Metcalf. You can visit it here:Luther Metcalf Bio

Lovely closeups of the saddle of this Windsor Chair.

Detail shots of the birdcage style back. Lovely bamboo turnings and stunning wood grain seen throughout this chair.

The bottom detail shows of the original finish of the chair. The Luther Metcalf Cabinet Shop Medway Mass Plate marks the maker of this chair. My understanding is that the cabinet shop was opened in 1785. 1825 marks the date this chair was made. The colonial period handwriting is remarkable. A stunning representation of penmanship and wood work from a time long ago.

Sunset Crescent Moon-

Crescent Moon Rise over a lake sunset

One of my favorite spots throughout the summer months is sitting on the dock. Whether it be fishing off it or laying in the sunshine, its certainly a pleasant place. We had just finished diner and I wanted to photograph the sunset. To my surprise when I walked outside the moon had risen over the lake.

Photo Tip:

The secret to this is exposure is shooting on a tripod. I alway try to shoot on sticks if I can. It becomes more methodical when you take the time to frame up an image with a tripod. Doing so also allows you utilize your camera to its best capabilities.

This was shot at f8, iso 100, 1 second exposure with the fujifilm xpro 2, 23mm.

18th Century Bow Back Windsor Arm Chair-

An 18th Century American Antique Bow Back Windsor Arm ChairThis is the third of our four Windsor chairs. The bow back Windsor arm chair. When I sat down in this chair it was by far the most comfortable chair I have ever sat it. The saddle of this chair just molds to you and the curved arm rests are amazing. This beautiful chair in its original color is an amazing piece of American history.

The saddle of this chair is as old as they come. The character in the wood used is quite remarkable. I can only guess to how old the wood used really is.

The stunning shape of the arm and unbelievable detail in the grain of the wood is an unique characteristic of this bow back Windsor arm chair.

The wood spindles of the back of this chair are just lovely. It’s just amazing to see the beauty that encompasses this Windsor chair.