Antique Bottle Show-

Collection of Antique Bottles on display at a bottle show

This past weekend was the Hudson Valley, NY bottle show. The show occurs once a year in Poughkeepsie, NY and it’s a great place to see an amazing collection of antique bottles. My father in law and I drove out there and he picked up an Antique Milk Bottle from an old dairy farm that existed on the corner of their street in Highland Mills, NY. He was excited to get a piece of history from his home town. I was on the hunt to extend my collection of chestnut flasks but sadly the ones there weren’t the right fit, so the search continues.

Collection of Antique Gin Bottles and Mason Jars I did enjoy shooting the displays of bottles the collectors set up. This is an awesome collection of Antique Gin Bottles mixed in with old mason jars.

Early Antique Bottles and Glass

This was another cool display of very early and rare bottles. You don’t see a collection like this at your local antique shop. This collection includes snuff, chestnut, gin, sealed wines and very scarce cobalt and sapphire blue bottles.


Antique Bow Back Windsor Chair-

An early example of an Antique American Bow Back Windsor Chair

This is the second of our four ornate Windsor Chairs. This is a bow back Windsor chair in its original finish. The wear is mostly seen in the saddle. The bow back Windsor chair was introduced in the late 1700’s and to this day is one of the most popular Windsor chair styles.

The age of this chair is seen in the wear of the saddle as it has been around for centuries. The detail in the back carving is quite remarkable.

The original stain of this chair brings out the lovely grain seen in the wood. The spindles protruding through the back add to the character of this early Windsor chair.

Fan Back Windsor Chair-

An Antique Fan Back Windsor Chair

This is a wonderful fan back Windsor Chair. Fan Back Windsor chairs were first introduced in America towards the end of the 17th century. American artisans modeled the fan back Windsor chair after English prototypes.

Comparably with our collection the saddle of this chair is the lowest. The ornate wood used in the seat is quite beautiful and rustic. It shows the age of this antique chair.

The grain throughout the wood spindles and it fan back adds to primitive allure. A lovely knot in its turned chair leg adds character to the base.

Windsor Chair Collection-

A Collection of Early Antique American Windsor Chairs

I’ve always enjoyed collecting antiques. There is something about them that is so cool to me. When I went to my first auction I couldn’t believe what was out there and the treasures to be found. I love buying an antique and then researching it online to learn the history behind it. It just fascinates me. I’m a bottle collector at heart and love collecting old glass. From my first crate of labeled sodas to my array of pontiled glass, bottles line our windowsills bringing out a mood in our space that is just divine.

Which brings me to my next story. A few months back I went to an auction looking for bottles like I always do. My wife dropped me off at the sale and when I stepped inside it was like entering a museum.  Inside were the most stunning antiques I’ve ever laid eyes on. There was a nice collection of old wine and ale bottles that I sat down and waited for. As the auction progressed one a kind vintage jewelry pieces, copper cooking ware, Tiffany Art Glass, oil painting, bronze sculptures, furniture and countless other items were all being auctioned off. A few hours into the auction my wife came back and sat down next to me. I told her that I’ve never been to an auction which had such beautiful antiques. As we sat and watched the items get auctioned off, a set of 4 chairs came up. Jenny had been looking for unique chairs for our dining room table and she liked them so I bought them for her. And then began one of my favorite research projects. The American Windsor Chair. To have a chance to photograph them is an honor. I’m dedicating this month to our Windsor Chairs and will be posting imagery that represents the craftsmanship of early American Furniture.


Pomarita Cocktail-

A Pomarita Cocktail Vitamix Drink

Summer time means summer cocktails. We received a Vitamix from my sister for our wedding and having thoroughly enjoyed blending all sorts of delicious drinks. From protein shakes to veggie smoothies we have been blending away. One of my favorite warm weather drinks is the Vitamix Pomarita. If you’d like to try a master bartender drink that’s fun to make you can check out the full recipe here: Vitamix Pomarita Cocktail

Photo Tip:

This picture was taken with natural sunlight as the sun set through our living room window. No filter was used and the sun flare was in camera. Try using the sun to backlight your favorite cocktails for a new approach to drink photography. The trick is the lower the sun is in the sky the better the lighting will be. So sunset cocktail photography anyone?

Sunday Sunflowers-

A pair of sunflowersMy parents are quite the gardeners. From there organic garden to my moms flower garden our family is blessed with both fresh vegetables and lovely flowers. This time of year sunflowers shoot up and adorn the yard with there vibrant colors. Here are a pair of twins that came up over the weekend.

Through the Lens-

A friend and co-worker Corey Danieli set up a simple photo set with a short paper sweep and a ring flash. He was shooting a still life story on items we have collected on our computer stations at work. Like most of us in our work place we try to make our home away from home a bit cozier by decorating our desks with family photos, plants and random items that bring us joy. I lent him my cactus to shoot for his story. He had the camera lens mounted to a ring flash and I photographed it looking down the barrel of the lens with no camera attached. It provides a different perspective on the image. The photograph of the cactus itself is shot by Corey. You can check out his work at